Women who are concerned with the size of their breasts and wish to add volume to their bust may find it beneficial to undergo a breast augmentation*.

Through this procedure, women can customize their bodies and improve their figures*. Dr. Manish Gupta has helped many of his female patients to achieve the aesthetic that they desire, while also helping them improve their self-confidence*.



A breast augmentation, clinically known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that enhances the breast size and shape through the use of implants*. The two most common types of implants that are used for this procedure are either saline or silicone. These two types of implants will be discussed in detail in the following information. Dr. Gupta is one of the leading breast augmentation physicians in Ohio and Michigan, leaving his patients with natural, satisfying results*. From a cosmetic surgeon’s perspective, the ultimate goal of this procedure is to enhance the patient’s natural figure and body proportions*.

This will ensure symmetry and an aesthetically pleasing breast profile*. Each breast augmentation that the doctor performs is tailored to the exact needs of the patient.


We use only Allergan products. This is because of the consistent and satisfactory results that their implants provide*. The Allergan implant options that are offered are saline and silicone. Saline implants are a silicone shell filled with a sterile saltwater solution. The silicone implant is filled with a thick cohesive gel that has the texture of a gummy bear. Depending on the patient’s needs and aesthetic desires, one implant may be better suited over the other*. In general, Dr. Gupta prefers silicone implants because they last longer, feel more natural, and he feels that it leaves the patient with the best results*.


Determining the best implant shape and size for a particular patient is highly individualistic.

Dr. Gupta tailors the breast augmentation to the patient by measuring the width of their chest. He also uses VECTRA 3D breast imaging to allow women to see a virtual representation of the procedure results*.


Through VECTRA 3D breast imaging, women get to see their results before the procedure is performed and gets rid of the guesswork*. This technology renders the patient’s chest in 3D to demo various breast shapes and sizes virtually. This is done through the use of six different cameras. The VECTRA 3D machine quickly captures high-resolution color images at multiple angles of the chest. The photos will allow Dr. Gupta to map your surface anatomy and create an accurate simulation of the patient’s body structure*. This provides a real silhouette of the patient’s desired bust*. This eliminates the need for more traditional methods of placing the implants into a bra to gage the desired shape and size.


The doctor will then be able to show the patient virtual before and after photos side-by-side to demonstrate the difference between the current breast size and shape in comparison to the expected results of this breast augmentation procedure*.



This incision is made in the natural crease underneath the breast. It will leave a thin, one to two-inch scar that can easily be concealed by a bra or bathing suit. This is the preferred incision technique by Dr. Gupta because it offers better access and the small incision can be nicely hidden within the fold of the breast*.


This incision is made around the outer edge of the areola, which will result in a scar that is nicely hidden within the pigment of the areola complex*. This incision technique is most commonly used when also performing a breast lift during the same procedure.


This small incision is made within the armpit, and the implant is placed using a specialized camera and surgical instruments. This technique will leave a visible scar in the armpit but no scarring to the breasts themselves, but they may be visible when wearing a strapless dress or tank top*.


The incision is made just above the belly button. While it may seem to be a great option, it has the least amount of precision in placement of the implants. Since most patients are keen to get the best possible results, this technique is not commonly used.


Women seek out this breast augmentation procedure for many reasons- enlarging the breasts is only one of them. Some of the other reasons to seek this procedure include:

  • Restoring breast fullness after weight loss, pregnancy, and nursing

  • Feel more confident in certain clothing

  • Add balance to compliment curvy hips

  • Enhance a woman’s self-confidence

  • Correct asymmetry or tuberous breast deformities​

Ideal candidates for this procedure are women who are in good health and maintain realistic expectations for the procedure outcomes. It is important to note that these women should not be pregnant, nursing, or looking to have children in the future as it can negatively impact the final results of the breast augmentation. This procedure is a very effective way to significantly enhance the size and shape of the breasts and undergoing this procedure with Dr. Gupta is no different*. To determine a patient’s candidacy, contact our office and schedule a meeting with the doctor.


Dr. Gupta will provide each patient with individualized instructions to help prepare them for their procedure. Generally, these instructions include:

  • Refrain from taking anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks

  • Quit smoking three weeks before surgery

  • Arrange for a ride home following the procedure

  • Prepare the home for the patient’s convenience during recovery.

Any further instructions that are specific to the patient will be provided once the breast augmentation procedure has been scheduled.


Before beginning the breast augmentation procedure, the general anesthesia will be administered to ensure complete comfort for the patient during surgery*. Each of the procedure options such as size, shape, placement (above or below the muscle), incision technique, and implant type will be discussed during the consultation. Dr. Gupta will make the necessary incisions for the insertion of the implant. Next, he will be making a pocket in the breast; this pocket will be made either above or below the muscle.

Dr. Gupta uses the Keller Funnel when placing the implant into the breast pocket. This funnel itself provides a “no-touch technique” to ensure patient safety and minimize the risk of any complications*. For this technique, the implant is placed into the funnel and inserted directly into the breast pocket without ever being touched by the doctor.

Once the implant is in place and positioned properly, Dr. Gupta will close the incisions with thin sutures and place a compression garment around the breasts. The patient will then be taken to the recovery area where they will be monitored before being released home.


Dr. Gupta will provide patients with recovery instructions that they are advised to follow for optimal recovery and results. The evening of surgery, the doctor recommends that the patient walks a brief amount to help reduce the risk of clotting and improve the circulation throughout the body. The compression garment should be worn around the breasts continuously during the healing process to assist with any swelling and bruising that may occur. For the patient’s added comfort, Dr. Gupta will provide them with a prescription for pain medication which will help alleviate discomfort during this time*.

Generally, patients will be sore for about three days after their procedure*. For the first two weeks, there should be limited movement and activities. Dr. Gupta advises patients to not lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for these first two weeks. After this time, there are no restrictions and patients should be getting back to their daily routines. In some cases, patients heal quicker than this time frame*.


Once the patient is fully healed, after the swelling and bruising have subsided, the results will of the breast augmentation can be fully enjoyed*. Women find that they fit better in their clothes and have a new found confidence with their body’s improved contour*.

Dr. Gupta has made this practice what is it today. With over 13 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery industry, he has gained extensive knowledge and skill that he applies towards each and every single breast augmentation he performs. He has performed over 1000 breast augmentations in this career thus far and has maintained a 98% patient satisfaction rate*. He provides some of the best patient care in both Ohio and Michigan. Our offices utilize the latest and greatest technologies, and our new facilities allow patients to feel welcome and at ease. There is no question that Dr. Gupta provides exceptional care and remarkable results!


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